A Breeders Quick Guide to Google My Business

A Breeders Quick Guide to Google My Business

Is your breeding business on google yet?

Gabrielle Plascak CPDT-KA

Google My Business is essentially a free business profile that allows potential customers ease in discovering you within a basic search on google. Just because you have a website up and running does not mean you will be noticed or even shown as an available option to those searching for breeders. By creating a Google My Business account you are placing yourself in the path of those who are searching for you.

How it works

Google will take all the information which you provide and will form it into a mini-profile that will pop up when your business is clicked on from a google search. Your business can now be one of the top options displayed when breeders in your area are searched for. The potential customer will be able to obtain all the information they need to know about your services including a link to your website. If you do have a physical address that you want to publicly show and you use a WordPress website, you also have the ability to create a responsive map and link to your Google My Business profile directly from your website.

Jumping onbaord

It is simple and free but you will need a google account of some sort such as Gmail email,  or a google account to sign up. All you have to do is go to www.google.com/business/ and select manage now, then follow the prompts to fill out the information it asks for. The more information you provide the better it will appear in a search and the higher chance you will get more traffic as well as inquiries. The key is to make it overly simple for people to contact you by providing all of your information up front. Make sure to include a brief description of your breeding business, an address, phone number, website URL, and photos! There is even an option to add services and prices. Providing hours of operation is essential if you have any sort of store but as a breeder, you may not. This option is still extremely useful as you can place the time frame and days in which you are available to take phone calls about puppies. Chances are if you have hours set you won’t be bothered as much outside those hours of operation. After you complete filling out the required information they will mail you a code that you will enter in your account to confirm the legitimacy of your business.

Stranger danger

One setback in being a breeding business is that you have no physical store location, just your home. Google My Business makes advertising with this less of an inconvenience if you don’t have a physical storefront or place for customers to come visit. You have the option of hiding your street address from the profile but remain recognized in your area. You can do this by selecting the option that you deliver goods in the service area and then select the hide address option on the following page. Google My Business is still going to ask you for a full address to send a confirmation letter containing a verification code, but it will not show the address once the profile is live. This is a great alternative to previous options where a public physical address was unfortunately mandatory. Because you selected delivery it will also ask you how far you deliver goods and services, make sure you cover a wide radius to get your business’s name on as many search results as possible.

A photo speaks a thousand words

Even without a physical storefront, a few good quality pictures of the dogs and previous puppies can place you ahead of the game. There is no need for a bunch of photos as your website will cover that with an album or gallery page. Make sure you are captivating viewers the moment they click on your business in a Google search.

So, why use Google My Business?

  • Having a Google My Business profile will increase the number of people who see you as an available option when beginning their search for breeders near them.
  • More people are being directed to view your website because google my business displays an easy-to-find link right to your website.
  • Having your business information public and readily available will increase your credibility and position you as a trustworthy, reliable option in the breeding industry.

The real question is why not use Google My Business?

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