How To Calm A Hyperactive Dog

Many dog breeds can be very energetic, usually due to their heritage and purpose of breeding. The main difference nowadays is that many dogs aren’t used for their original purpose any more, and many owners struggle to keep up with their dog’s energy levels. Typically, puppies will be more hyperactive than older dogs, but some breeds remain very energetic their whole lives. To help you deal with your hyperactive dog, here are some of the best ways to calm them down.

1. Exercise

This one is something of a no-brainer, but the more you exercise your dog, the less energy it’ll have. Some dogs, such as Huskies, require considerably more exercise than others, and it’s probably worth finding this out before getting a dog. If it’s too late for that, make sure you walk them enough. Consider at least one long walk a day, if not two, and play with your dog as much as possible. If you’re not able to take them out as much as you want, play a long game of fetch around the house. Just remember, the more you exercise them, the less hyperactive they’ll be.

2. Teach them tricks

Teaching your dog behavior tricks will help with their hyperactivity, mainly because they’ll learn how you want them to act. Start with simple obedience tricks, such as sit and stay, and then move on to more complicated ones. If you’re unsure how to go about this, consider enrolling them onto a training course. Not only will this help you work out a suitable training course, socializing with other dogs will help their energy levels. If you spend enough time training them, the mental exercise will calm them down too.

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3. Have a set routine

This is a very similar point to training your dog, but establishing a day-to-day routine will help your dog to know when things are happening. It doesn’t have to be particularly rigid, but if your dog knows when it’s going for a walk, then you can expect them not to go crazy every time you get up. Do your best to feed, walk, and play with your dog at the same time every day to ease their anxiety.

4. Choose the right toys

Modern dog toys are a far cry from playing fetch with a tennis ball. There are many toys on the market that are designed to mentally stimulate your dog, and will keep them amused for hours. Buy one that you can put treats inside, and this will keep them going even longer. The more mental stimulation your dog has, the less hyperactive they’ll be.

The most important thing to remember with hyperactive dogs is that it’s often down to the breed, or their age. As their owner, you’re responsible for your dog’s wellbeing, and that means working to combat hyperactivity. Make sure you have the means to care for a dog before taking it on, and that you give it enough attention and exercise.

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