How To Take The Best Photos of Your Dog

How To Take The Best Photos of Your Dog

Dog Photography

A good picture can make all the difference especially when promoting your breeding business.

Here’s a beginners guide on what you can do.

How To Take The Best Photos of Your Dog


There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting the right camera. If your budget allows it go with a DSLR camera like Nikon or Cannon. But if you’re on a budget you can still get decent photos using a smartphone. Most smartphones nowadays have good camera quality.

DSLR Camera - Dog Photography
DSLR Camera
Smartphone Camera

Teach Your Dog To Pose for The Camera

I know. It’s easier said than done. But take the time to teach your dog to stay or sit. For that you will need a handful of treats, and lot’s of patience. Just remember to practice, practice, practice.

Teach Dog To Stay

Another option is having a friend hold the dog with a leash. Make sure the person is not standing behind the dog but more to the side.


Stand to the side when holding leash for photos

Look At The Camera

But what if your dog doesn’t look at the camera? Make noises. Click your tongue. Whistle. Snap fingers. Anything that can get your dog’s attention.

Another option is holding your dog’s favorite treat or toy near the camera. If you need help ask someone to assist with holding the treat or toy.

Take Lots of Photos

The more photos you take, the better chance you have on getting a few awesome shots. Make sure you have plenty of storage in your camera and battery life.

Get Down To Your Dog's Eye Level

Don’t stand over your dog when taking a photo. It’s best if you get down to your dog’s eve level. This may include kneeling, sitting or even laying on your stomach depending on the size of the dog. Sometimes you can have your dog sit or stand on something like a bench or rock.

Don't Stand Over Your Dog
Get Down To Your Dog's Eye Level

To Zoom or Not To Zoom?

If you’re using a DSLR camera then zooming from a distance shouldn’t be an issue with quality & resolution. But if you’re using a smartphone try not to use the zoom feature too much since it reduces the quality of your photos. Instead try to stand just a few feet away without zooming for better resolution photos.

Show The Feet

If you’re wanting a banner design (advertising banner) for an upcoming breeding or to promote your kennel or stud services try your best to show your dog’s feet. It’s a small detail but this will look best in graphic design and adverts.

Choose The Best Backgrounds

To make your dog stand out you need to find a background that works best for your dog. Pay attention to the color of the background and the color of your dog’s fur. If your dog is black don’t use a black background – find a background with lighter colors.

Choose The Best Background For Your Dog
Choose The Best Background For Your Dog


Camera flash is not recommended because it’s a distraction, can scare the dog and hurt their eyes. The best lighting is outdoor light. Try to find a location with plenty of light. Avoid taking pictures under direct sunlight especially in midday since that can harm your dog.

By having good photos this will improve your kennel image and promote your dogs better. In addition, we can design awesome banners and graphics

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