How WYZE (Smart Home Cameras and Devices) is perfect for dog breeders and pet owners

Smart cameras have been a massive benefit to home security, but have you ever thought about using them for monitoring your dogs? WYZE Cameras smart cameras and devices are perfect for keeping an eye on your beloved pooches, whether this is during pregnancy or a new born litter, or just general security.

This article reviews WYZE cameras and explains the features that make them ideal for dog owners and breeders. Most importantly, the cameras are inexpensive, have high video quality and 2-way audio. Read on to find out the rest of the benefits.


WYZE is a well-known company that produces smart cameras and other home devices. Their recently updated software now includes voice control for all the major smart home assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant.

While the smart cameras are the main focus here, why not check out the other smart devices WYZE make? They have a great range of products, all of which are great value.

The main camera on offer is the WYZE Cam V2, which supports 1080p video, livestreaming, and 2-way audio. Then there’s the WYZE Cam Pan, which offers highly responsive, fast-paced room views. Also there’s WYZE Sense, which is a motion detector that can be hooked up to the cameras.

You can probably already see how these smart devices can be a great help when it comes to dog owning and breeding. Whether it’s just for general security, or for monitoring during pregnancy or new born litter, having a HD livestream camera on hand at all times will be a big help.

The devices are all reasonably priced, with the Cam V2 and Sense both coming in at $19.99. The Cam Pan is the most expensive at $29.99, and even this is hardly a big expense when you think of the product. All devices come with an app and can be integrated into your home’s smart assistant network.



The WYZE Cam V2 has a number of features that make it ideal for keeping an eye on your dogs. These include:

• Full HD 1080p resolution
• 110 degree wide angle lens
• 8x zoom
• Person detection
• Night vision
• Internal and cloud storage

The camera is a good quality and comes at the standard you’d expect for a smart device. The wide-angle lens does let you see plenty, but it’s not as wide as some of its competitors. However it’ll definitely get the job done when it comes to keeping an eye on your dogs.

Night vision provides a clear picture for up to 30ft, even in complete darkness. Person detection is a useful feature for security, as it sends you a notification when a person walks past. The device’s AI means it can differentiate between people and animals, so your dogs won’t set it off.

WYZE Cam Pan

The Cam Pan offers the same picture quality as the V2, but also includes motion detection and tracking. This can be a really useful feature if you’re trying to monitor dogs in a larger room. It also includes:

• 2-way audio
• Night vision
• 1080p HD with 8x zoom
• Room scan with 4 customizable waypoints

The Cam Pan has some great features for keeping an eye on your dogs. It can even keep up with bouncy puppies and will be able to track them around the room – a great feature if you can’t be there in person.

However, the Cam Pan wouldn’t be as good for security. It’s more of a home monitoring device, although it does still notify you when it detects motion. Like the Cam V2, it comes with either internal or cloud storage options and smart assistant integration.

WYZE Sense

The WYZE Sense is probably the most “basic” of all 3 devices, although it’s still pretty smart. You can either buy a motion sensor, which alerts you when something moves, or a contact sensor, which notifies you if something (a door for example) has been left open.

Both devices offer video recording, although it’s not in HD. Also, both boast a 12-month battery life, which is very useful. These will be a great addition to a smart security system, but probably shouldn’t be the only thing you have.

The motion sensors are set off by anything so can alert you both to incoming intruders and escaping dogs. The contact sensors seem like an obvious addition to a home security system both for your dogs and for you.

How to get the most out of a WYZE smart system

You can probably already see how a WYZE camera or motion detector would be useful for monitoring dogs. If you want a general all-round camera, either for security or monitoring, then go for the Cam V2. It has all the features you need to keep an eye on your pets. One of the particular highlights is the 2-way audio, so you can speak to them if you want to.

However, if you’re looking for a more effective system, then use Cam V2s for security and Cam Pans for monitoring your pooches. Its smart motion detection is great for staying on your dog’s tail, and it still has all the main features of the Cam V2. The Cam Pan makes a much better choice for internal use.

Similarly either smart camera would be perfect for monitoring a newborn litter. All breeders need to make sure everything is going smoothly right until when the puppies are sold, and WYZE devices allow you to do just that, whether it’s at night or during the day.

Either way, it would be worth including some motion and contact detectors too. The contact detectors will even make sure you don’t leave the door open by mistake, which is always helpful!

The smart phone app for all devices is really easy to use and offers both livestreaming and recording functions. It’s also what allows you to use the 2-way audio function. The smart cameras both support microSD internal storage and can hold a week’s worth of footage.


WYZE smart cameras and devices are ideal for dog owners and breeders. They allow you to monitor your beloved pets from another room, which is great for security and just general use. Their motion detection functions are very responsive, giving you peace of mind. Overall, WYZE smart devices are perfect for this role.

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