Is Hiring a Dog Sitter Beneficial For My Dog?

A woman pets her Labrador retriever while talking on the phone.

Those who own dog-sitting businesses know that finding customers can be challenging at times. Many people prefer to keep their dogs at a local boarding facility rather than hire a dog sitter. Common motivations for boarding a dog rather than hiring a dog sitter include cheaper cost, greater levels of trust in boarding facilities, or simply because people do not want someone that they may not know to be in their house. Whatever someone’s reason may be, dog sitters have to find ways to prompt people to consider the benefits that dog-sitting services can offer them. Let’s examine the reasons why hiring a dog sitter may be the best option for your dog. 

Dogs and Boarding Facilities

Boarding facilities generally provide terrific care to their temporary canine guests, but despite their best efforts, many dogs can be rattled by the experience of staying at a boarding facility for extended stays. After all, these facilities are foreign locations for your dog, and they may be confused and distraught during their stay. Regardless of how many times a dog has been boarded, they may feel that their owners are abandoning them, so this can be a traumatic experience for a dog.

Though they will surely receive great care from the staff, there are typically dozens of additional dogs that are present at boarding facilities. Many dogs will bark incessantly because they are scared and confused, and this can be frightening to all dogs that are present. 

What to Expect From a Dog Sitter?

Hiring a dog sitter is typically a much more relaxing, stress-free experience for your dog since they have the opportunity to stay in their own houses without other dogs bothering them. It may initially be startling for your dog to find that an unknown person is coming into their territory to care for them, but this situation can be avoided if a dog owner and dog sitter arrange to do a meet-and-greet before the owner’s absence. So, it seems that hiring a dog sitter will be a stress-free experience for your dog, but what sort of care can they expect from a dog sitter? 

The Benefits of Hiring a Dog Sitter

In addition to offering a more relaxing experience for your dog compared to dog boarding facilities, dog sitters also typically offer superior care to dogs. This is not to say that the care provided by dog boarders is bad (it is usually very good), rather, it’s a reflection of the fact that dog sitters offer exceptional care to dogs because they get to spend more one-on-one time with dogs. The staff at dog boarding facilities likely have to manage dozens of dogs, so there just isn’t enough time for staff members to spend extended amounts of time with your dog. 

Since dog sitters allow dogs to enjoy plenty of interaction time, those that leave their pooch in the care of a dog sitter can expect a rested dog that has gotten plenty of exercise and playtime. Considering the benefits that dog sitters can provide to dogs, it seems that they are a terrific option for those who want their dog to receive top-notch care during their absence.  Interested in starting a dog-sitting business of your own? Webdogg can help! Let us handle the hassle of creating a website and invest in our website design service. For more great tips and tricks to grow your dog business, subscribe to our e

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