Breeder Websites
Monthly Plans & Pricing

Breeder Pro

+ $199 Design Fee
$ 25
  • First Month Free
  • Domain Name - 1/yr included
    ($35/yr value)
  • 25% Off All Other Services/Products
  • Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy
  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards

Breeder Boss

+ $199 Design Fee
$ 50
  • First Month Free
  • Domain Name - 1/yr included
    ($35/yr value)
  • 50% Off All Other Services/Products
  • Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Cookie Policy & Disclaimer ($120 Value per year)
  • Logo Design ($120 Value)
    1 Dog Illustration
    *2 or more dogs illustration is extra fee
  • 1,000 Business Cards - Each year your account is active ($120 Value)
  • Sample Contracts: Stud, Breeding & Puppy Sales
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We Do It All for You
$ 397
  • Everything from Boss and...
  • Website Design
  • Unlimited Graphics
    (Does not include logo design)
  • Weekly Content Edits
    (We Update Your Site)
  • Google My Business Page (Setup + Maintenance)
  • and more...

How It Works


$199 Payment is done via PayPal for Pro & Boss plans. If you don’t have a PayPal account select the debit or credit card option below the PayPal login.


You will need to subscribe to one of our monthly subscriptions. Automatic payments are charged every 30 days via PayPal. First month is FREE!


Please fill out this form with your info and website options.

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WEBSITE SUBSCRIPTION Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding our website subscription plans.

No. You will need a laptop or computer. We know for some this is a deal breaker. Unfortunately Elementor Page Builder does not work with a mobile device.

But your website is mobile friendly, meaning it can be viewed on any mobile device.

You can use both. As long as you have internet access.

No. You just need internet connect and google chrome browser.

Does not work well with Safari or Firefox.

Google chrome is the best option.

Does NOT work well with Safari or Firefox.

Yes. Our monthly plans include website hosting

No. In order for our theme & plugins to work properly you must sign up to one of our monthly subscriptions.

Yes. You can cancel anytime.

Please remember that due to the nature of our work there are NO REFUNDS. In addition, websites cannot be transferred to another hosting provider. Since this is a subscription plan the websites are property of WEBDOGG. What do we mean by this?

Let’s use Netflix as an example. When you subscribe to a monthly plan you have access to a collection of movies. You don’t own the movies but as long as you pay your subscription you will have access to those movies. Similarly, as long as you pay your monthly subscription with WEBDOGG you will have access to your website and it will remain online for as long as you keep up with the subscription.

Open a support ticket to cancel

When you cancel a website subscription your website will be offline. However, we don’t immediately delete your  content. It will be available for 2 weeks if you wish to renew.

No. Websites can NOT be transferred to another provider. 

The website is property of WEBDOGG.

The content such as Text and Images that you provide are yours to keep.

No. Your not allowed to upload any plugin or theme.

All plugins and themes we use are tried and tested to work best with your website.

No. We provide you with only the necessary admin settings to allow you to update your content.


No. You do not have ftp or cpanel access.

We provide you with only the necessary tools to manage the content of the website.