Should You Use Instagram For Your Dog Training Business?

Those who own a dog training business have likely considered promoting their services on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram, in particular, is a very popular social media outlet, with many millions of active monthly users that span a wide range of demographics. For those who operate a dog training business, Instagram is a social media platform that you should consider using because of the fact that it has such a far reach among active internet users.

Though Instagram can be a terrific place to market a dog training business, the platform can seem overwhelming. Even the process of creating an account for your dog training business can seem like a hassle for those who are not experienced with the platform. Moreover, with the billions of Instagram accounts that exist, some would say that the social media giant is oversaturated with users. Considering the number of people who use Instagram, making your particular account stand out can feel impossible. So, despite the immense number of individuals who have Instagram accounts, is creating and maintaining an Instagram for your dog training business still a good idea? The answer is a resounding yes!

The Benefits Of Having An Instagram For Your Dog Training Business

Though some may suggest that the tremendous amount of people who use Instagram is a bad thing for small business owners, others can regard this as a fantastic opportunity. If owners of dog training businesses focus on the potential of so many people on a single platform rather than get intimidated by such a prospect, they can look to take advantage. Instagram may be especially useful for those who sell some sort of product online. For instance, the owner of a dog training business could offer an online course or tutorial that they promote on the platform. Instagram can be an excellent way to advertise and sell products to your following.

Getting A Dog Training Business Noticed On Instagram

Instagram is a fairly intuitive platform, so creating a presence for a dog training business is not a challenging task for most people to do. However, owners of dog training businesses who wish to have success on Instagram cannot merely post images of their work with instructions about how to purchase a service in the caption; before you can sell anything on Instagram, you will have to amass a following. There are several ways that people can go about doing this, but all require time and commitment-you can’t just simply buy followers.

Once you have created a bio for your dog training business and posted a few photos, videos, or reels, you can begin to seek out prospective customers or clients on the platform. How can you do this? Well, you can search a certain hashtag and view accounts who have posted or liked certain images. Once you find accounts that you feel could be a potential lead, you can follow an individual in the hopes that they may follow you back. Of course, you can also rely on naturally getting people to follow you by consistently posting content and seeing who finds it.

Regardless of how you amass a following, you will probably want to create a content schedule so you are regularly posting on your Instagram page. Routine postings will be appealing to your following and they will help you amass additional followers on the platform.

So, what sort of content should you post about as a dog training business owner? Well, a good strategy may include posting updates about the progression of your furry clients. Many would be interested in seeing a dog’s behavior before and after they complete their training with you. Ultimately, your goal should be to give the impression that you are a skilled trainer who is capable of teaching dogs a wide array of commands and tricks.

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