The Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm And Cozy This Winter

For the most part, dogs can keep themselves warmer than humans. After all, they’ve usually got a nice fur coat to help out. However, we shouldn’t let this fool us into thinking they can tolerate very cold temperatures for too long. Obviously some dogs will be fine most of the time (Huskies for example), but if you own a small or skinny dog it’s worth helping them out when it’s really cold. Here are the best tips for keeping your dog warm this winter.

1. Choose your walk time wisely

This is essentially the opposite advice you’re given for summer walks: take your dog out in the middle of the day. It’s warmest between 11am and 3pm, so use this as your walking time whenever possible. Even a difference of a few degrees will help if your dog feels the cold.

2. Provide them with good quality bedding

If you give your dog nothing else, provide them with a bed that has raised edges. This will stop drafts, and raise them off the cold floor. Filling this with blankets and cushions will help them to create a cozy nest on cold nights.

3. Clear Snow

Clearing snow from your garden will make a massive difference for your dog. After all, they do much of their heat regulation through their paws. Regularly clearing away snow will help keep their feet a bit warmer, but don’t put down grit or anything. Your dog might get ill if they lick it off their paws.

4. Buy a winter coat

There are so many kinds of dog coats available online. Make sure you choose one that’s waterproof, and ideally windproof too, and has a nice bit of insulation too. Think of what you look for in a good winter coat and apply the same logic for your dog.

5. Take advantage of daylight

Days are shorter in the winter, and the weather isn’t always great. If you see the sun shining, take your dog outside to play for a while. Play fetch so they can get some exercise, and warm up a bit, but don’t stay outside for too long or it’ll have the opposite effect.

6. Be careful with your heat sources

Dogs will instinctively try and curl up near a heat source, which isn’t too bad with radiators, but should be avoided with space heaters and fireplaces. Buy a child grate to put some distance between the heat source and your pet, and set their bed down where you want them to lie. If they move it closer, simply move it back. It won’t take them long to get the hint.

Providing you keep an eye on your dog, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep them warm this winter. Make sure you regularly check their paws after walks for signs of cold or injury, as their skin will be more sensitive in the winter. And remember, a nice cuddle does wonders to warm them up too

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