What Education And Certifications Do I Need To Be A Dog Trainer? 

Becoming a dog trainer is an exciting prospect for a dog lover. For some people, connecting with a dog and working on training exercises comes very naturally. Getting paid to work with dogs as you watch them grow can be incredibly rewarding, but the path to becoming a dog trainer is not always clear. 

Paying for a college education is an expensive undertaking, and it may simply not be in the cards for some people. Luckily, working as a dog trainer requires no college education. Of course, some dog trainers receive a college education as they seek to earn degrees in fields such as marketing, but this is not a requisite for being a dog trainer. 

Those that are intrigued by the possibility of becoming a dog trainer often wonder about the certifications that are required to become a dog trainer. Many are surprised to figure out that there are no certifications necessary to become a dog trainer in the United States. Just like it is not necessary to receive an education if you wish to become a dog trainer, it is not required that dog trainers have any certifications. However, dog trainers can certainly pursue various certifications if they desire. 

Dog trainers can get certified through organizations such as the Certification Council of Pet Dog Trainers or they can take online courses if they prefer. So, why might dog trainers want to receive certifications? There are plenty of reasons for becoming a professionally certified dog trainer. Perhaps the biggest reason to become a professionally-certified dog trainer is the fact that receiving such notoriety will help to separate you from competitors. Ultimately, being a professionally-certified dog trainer may be the deciding factor as to why a customer chooses your business over that of another dog trainer. 

Having professional dog training certification conveys to your customers that you are passionate about dog training. Those who become certified dog trainers will have to pass a test that proves their training prowess. Therefore, prospective customers may have more confidence in the abilities of a certified dog trainer compared to a dog trainer that has not been certified. 

The passion that some people have when it comes to dog training may be reason enough for them to pursue certification in this field. Professionally certified dog trainers have the opportunity to learn even more about various breeds of dogs, and this can be a tremendous benefit to their skill set. 

A final reason dog trainers may want to become certified is that certification connects dog trainers into a special community of other professionals in the field. Not only does this create terrific opportunities for networking, but it may also allow dog trainers to enjoy unique benefits or discounts from organizations through which they’re certified. 

Being a dog trainer is a wonderful job that does not require individuals to have any education or certification, so this job is truly open to anyone with the passion to commit to this field. Dog trainers can certainly receive a college education or professional certification if they desire, but they can find success without doing so. 

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