Why Your Breeder Website Needs a Privacy Policy

Why Your Breeder Website Needs a Privacy Policy

Gabrielle Plascak CPDT-KA

When building a website it is easy to get caught up in the fun parts like branding and design. When visiting websites and presented with opt-ins or sign up forms our minds instead take us to questioning where our information is going after we hit “submit”.

A privacy policy is a statement displayed on a website that states what information is being taken from that user and how it will be used. It allows you to comply with legal responsibilities regarding your potential customer’s privacy. You may not initially think of adding privacy policies to your website but it is one of the most crucial additions you can make and here is why:

Why Your Breeder Website Needs a Privacy Policy

• Abide by the Law & Requirements of Others

While there are no set federal laws regarding the protection of privacy via websites, there are plenty of state laws to justify adding a privacy policy to your site. These state laws range from California having extremely strict laws – ones which require a privacy policy for any information whatsoever being obtained from users (so much as an e-mail) to Delawares more laid back laws – requiring a policy be added if requesting a users social security number. There are also some in-between regulations such as in Delaware & Nevada. These states require a policy for collection of any personally identifiable information.

While these are just a few examples, other states have a variety of laws regarding privacy and it is more reasonable to cover all your bases rather than risk not abiding by the laws.

The EU has a data protection law which is much more regulated across the board. It requires that a website notifies users of what data is collected, how it is used and who it is shared with.

Third parties themselves such as google analytics or pay-per-click ads require that the websites using them display a privacy policy stating that the third party will be obtaining the user’s information for research or advertisement purposes

• Building Trust

When you display a privacy policy on your website you are showing the users & potential customers that you care about their safety & privacy. A customer will have an interest in a breeder that has an interest in their protection. Adding that little statement will tell the user exactly how you are protecting them and their privacy.

• Protecting Your Company

Having a privacy policy on your website can not only protect your breeding business legally, but also it is protecting your breeding business’s reputation by building the trust with users as well as showing them that you are an honest and caring company.

Now that you see the importance of adding a privacy policy, I will conclude with 5 simple tips on getting the perfect policy on your own website.

1) Make sure you are complying with all laws regarding privacy, even those not in your local area. If you are displaying and advertising your puppies to out-of-state or even out-of-country customers, it is important to abide by the laws where your customer lives. This is true if you are a US breeder and have users customers from the EU. Your website and privacy policy should be compliant to each user’s local standards.

2) Keep it simple, readable, and straightforward. People like to understand what they are reading, especially when it comes to their privacy and personal information.

3)  Use a privacy policy generator or template to get an idea of a proper policy, then modify it to add your business’s personal touch.

4)  Simply state what information is taken, how it is used, and who it is shared with once obtained.

5)  Always include an opt-out option for your users. Chances are if they can opt-out of data collection they won’t bother but if they can’t opt-out they will want to. Don’t miss out on potential followers or customers because of a simple addition that could add value to your business and reduce the risks that come with lack of a privacy policy.

All WEBDOGG Breeder Websites Include a Privacy Policy

When you sign up for our breeder website plan we will provide you with a privacy policy to fit your website needs.

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